Friday, September 12, 2014

Catching up the Blogger

Most recent news can be more easily found on our facebook page and on our tumblr. Just a friendly reminder.

However we don't want the blog to languish in neglect as for a long time it carried the torch so here are some very overdue updates!

First and foremost, we present a sample clip featuring updated shots from micro episode 01 of ARMSmasters. Though it has yet to be titled we're looking forward to having a hot teaser trailer ready towards the end of this month/first part of next.

Some serious challenges impacted our development time this summer. These included losing our office space and incurring some serious loss of material and property during epic summer flooding here in Southeastern Michigan. Some major relocations of places of residence and just serious all around challenges hit us on all sides but we know this just means the best is yet to come. As our videos show we are well on our way to seeing this project through to the very end.

In addition to the above videos check out some cool clean up and keyframe art by Mel Bontrager, yours truly (Mike Winn) and final model images for Riot, our leading man.

Drop us a line, comments, feedback, whatever floats your boat! We're looking forward to steady communication with all of you and please keep spreading the word!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Motor City Con and Spring Updates

WOW it has indeed been awhile since we posted here. You guys are following us on facebook and tumblr and soon to be instagram, right??? Well what're you waiting on?

Most recent things first! Motor City Comic Con has come and gone and Alpha Omega Animation was there!  Artbooks were sold, commissions were done and so was much networking. It was..a fantastic time.  If you dropped by to see us: thank you, thank you and thank you!

A full day by day report can be found at the blog of team member Dwight Williamson II! We can't thank him enough for the picture taking and his infectious enthusiasm!

Visit for more info and take a look below for some images.

We hit the grind right away with the end of the con. It goes without saying that we're a little off schedule. This past winter was far busier and difficult to manage then first anticipated and while we were aiming for a first quarter release of the first micro-episode, we're instead forced to re-evaluate our timing and strive to have something to showcase towards the middle part of this summer instead. We continue to beg your patience and we thank you for your continued patience with us. Rest assured, ARMSmasters -is- coming, along with the incentives promised.

In the meantime expect more updates soon and remember not to forget our various media outlets!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Be you a match made in heaven, the fifth dimension, human and half fey or just plain strange - we hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day! Have a treat, prepared by Mel Bontrager, featuring our own odd-couple, Rune and Inari!

More updates on the horizon for the film.Thanks everyone!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Black History Month

Happy February everyone and Happy Black History Month! One of the things we will be doing this year will be taking note of specific holidays and months and celebrations with pieces of art. Unfortunately we missed New Years and Martin Luther King day so we're kicking it off with Black History Month. As a minority African-American creator this is obviously quite important to me. On a personal note I have to say that I did not create ARMSmasters as a piece specifically meant to target 'urban markets' or a specific race or culture but rather something that was an expression of my love for a particular genre and style of storytelling. My personal approach is 'characters and people first' more so then making a character just a specific race out of a sense of obligation or 'target'. Riot is visually 'Caucasian' because I felt that fit the visual I wanted to exude - but I would be remiss to not acknowledge the need for more characters in both lead and supporting roles that minority races of all color can visually identify with and that also speak positive messages about the cultures they represent and are also capable of standing besides more 'mainstream' characters and being equally recognized along with their creators. The Legend of Korra absolutely thrills me with its lead, female, minority character of color. Young Justice was fantastic. The most competent, one of the most popular and one of the most powerful lead characters - indeed -the- leader of the team for a portion of time, Aqualad, was ostensibly 'african' in features (though Atlantean in origin.) and there are more and there needs to be more.

Tyr is own of my own personal expressions of this. As a character Tyr actually predates any of the other ARMSmasters characters by quite abit of time with the -possible- exception of Mountain. It was an early exercise in the early 2000's back at the College for Creative Studies where we were to storyboard and create an animatic based around the concept of Man vs Machine. I elected to do a 'version' of the John Henry story which I named 'Super' John Henry because I, of course, felt the need to amp it up to some sort of anime-heroesque levels haha - but the visual motif of Tyr was born and I kept with him over the years. As a character he came to represent some aspects of my personality though I can't say he (or any character) is an author insert I do believe we all put some aspects of our own traits into the stories we right. He's an 'artist' by means of an engineer and designer, a dreamer but still rooted and logical. He's a wierd combo of a 'nerd-jock' by means of being the team brains as well as a hefty dosage of brute force. Tyr is ARMSmasters Iron Man and Thor, rolled into one character. He's 'Beast' from X-Men - brains but with the capacity to flip a car over while grinning. In terms of his relationship to the Ensemble cast's 'Lead' - He's the 'straight man' to Riot's Steve Irwin like behavior and Danny Glover to Riot's Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon and sometimes the voice of the audience. He dotes over his daughter, almost to the point of insanity and is a fun character to write for.

Interestingly enough, perhaps, Tyr shares names and some visual motifs with Tyr the War God from Norse Mythology. In the ARMSmasters setting the nation Tyr hails from has a very Norse Mythology themed air about it via their character names, weaponry, abilities and focus on the advancement of military power and warfare and yet visually the culture is mixed in color. They are not vikings but instead inspired by the 'romantic' view of those ideals and outlook on life and the creatures and magic that populate those stories. We play loose with these concepts, using -some- of the implied relationships and what they mean as we delve more into this story revealing Tyr's brother, Thor, and his fiance Freya - and The Fenrir - the military airship Tyr designed which also cost him his left arm, during the war. We'll be delving more into story related posts for ARMSmasters in coming weeks.

I could wax on eternally about my thoughts on these things but I hope this post peeks interest and is good enough. Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Blogger Update!

Been a hot minute on here!

But if you are following us you know we're quite busy and active over on our facebook page and our tumblr page. Soon we'll be using Klout more often to simo-update all of our social media networks, getting onto the instagram badwagon and doing more to promote our efforts but more important then this is the aim for the finish line!

Speaking of finish line! Boards, boards, boards! Episode 1 (the micro-episode one. The 2-3 minute teaser.) is fully boarded and in animatic format. There are tweaks to be done, padding to be done, and so forth but we're well into our production effort on this now!

We also have a youtube channel up and functioning. I've taken the liberty of uploading some content that has never before been shared so place head over there and click on subscribe so we can begin to build, build, build!

We're also working hard on another poster image and if you are a Kickstarter backer, rest assured, your incentives are on our mind! I hate to continue to beg your patience but I also hear feedback from you all from time to time and I'm grateful for the push towards finishing our product 'first' before worrying about the packages. Rest assured they are being worked on and soon you will hear directly from us.

Keep pushing this 2014!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

We're abit overdue on a post but this is hardly due to being inactive as I"m sure you all have guessed. The new year will see some changes in how we handle our social media posting schedule but in the meantime, enjoy some work in progress and sketch images! Ideally the plan is to have something to update all followers on in the next 30 days so keep fingers crossed that we continue to grind on this micro-episode effort!

Also, not yet posted to this blog, is the HD reel for ARMSmasters. You can find this on youtube in full on 1080hd glory, such as it is!

Last but not least. Our website has been overhauled and is serving as a better hub for news and our links. Our sponsor list, overdue, is next. You can find us at - Feel free to pass the link on!

Thanks for continuing to hang with us!

Monday, November 4, 2013

ARMSmasters 2013 Work Reel

ARMSmasters 2013 Fall Work Reel from Michael Winn on Vimeo.

Hello everyone! We are very proud to present our 2013 Fall Work Reel for ARMSmasters! This was shown at Youmacon at the Detroit Tradecraft Panel on comics, storyboarding and animation and has already been shared with our Kickstarter sponsors.

On this reel you will find updated color shots from our previous work in progress as we have been exploring color and compositing options. New shots from our intended upcoming content that continue these color and finish WIP explorations and finally rough animation and moving storyboards/animatics. Some of these things have been posted before but as we are picking up new followers from our recent efforts its good to share again.

In the next 60 to 90 days we will be moving even further by releasing a story trailer. Thanks for your support!
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