Saturday, May 19, 2012

Motor City Con Days 1 and 2

This post should have been made this past Thursday. :)

But there's still one more day to enjoy Motor City Con 2012. Motor City Con is bigger this year then I've recalled seeing it and I've been a frequent attendee. The line was wrapped around the building and there are some great things going on. No it's not the biggest con in the country (..I want to say at least the eighth largest in the country but I may be wrong. Can't remember where I heard that from or if it's accurate today.)

Regardless - it's big and the largest in Michigan and in the immediate area next to Chicago-Con and wow is it fun. 

The Alpha Omega Crew really showed out, especially considering it was the first con, period, for several of them. Books were sold, sketches done, prints sold, and alot of great interest generated in ARMSmasters. Thank you!

There is one more day to go and then we will do our full post-con report along with images and a preview of where we go from here. Thank you, everyone, for a fantastic weekend.


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